Musical universe of the exhibition


The sound ambiance of the exhibition is an integral part of it and more than an accessory element, constitutes an important component of the exhibition. It completes the sense of immersion sought, invites the visitor to travel, gives rhythm to the wanderings of each visitor and accompanies the narration of the six focus films. It is neither too present, so as not to disturb the visitor's visual journey, nor too discreet, as it is an integral part of the immersive experience. Each film includes a soundtrack composed of Rone's creations from his albums, re-adapted, and a sound design applied to the image. Thus, the films are accompanied and punctuated by a musicality perfectly adapted to each one.

A reactive sound design

In addition to the atmosphere created by Rone's universe in the films, a subtle layer of sound is added, linked to the interactions triggered by the visitor on the skin-landscape. A synchronised sound envelope throughout the exhibition will enlarge the space, strengthen the visitor's sense of immersion and significantly affect all visitors, regardless of their nationality. In this way, a reactive and coherent auditory universe is created that is organic, dreamlike and innovative. It offers an exploratory and playful dimension in addition to the surrounding visual creations, bringing the various interactions to life more intensely.

The world of Rone

Rone is a major artist and producer of the current French electronic music scene. His creativity has led him to collaborate with numerous artists and artistic bodies through a wide variety of projects. Rone has received several awards for his work (Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 2017, Grand Prix SACEM des musiques électroniques in 2020, César for the best original music for Frédéric Farrucci's "La nuit venue" in 2021, Cannes Soundtrack Award Gold Disc for the soundtrack of Jacques Audiard's "Les olympiades" in 2021). He is currently touring with the dance company (La)Horde and the Ballet national de Marseille with the creation "Room with a view".


6 december 2023 - 21 july 2024