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Hosting an exhibition

Grand Palais Immersif exhibitions are available to tour. They can be adapted to work in the local setting.

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Pompéi au Grand Palais, 2020 © Rmn - Grand Palais, 2020 / Didier Plowy

Immersive exhibitions designed by Grand Palais Immersif offer a unique immersive experience of art and cultural heritage using cutting-edge digital technology.

They comprise impressive projections of high-resolution images and extremely precise 3-D reconstructions together with original sound and music.

Grand Palais Immersif benefits from the expertise of the Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais, the leading producer of art exhibitions in France. It is supported by a network of scientists, art historians and museum professionals, with special access to museum resources in order to produce historically accurate and scientifically based exhibitions. These exhibitions are interactive, educational and open to all audiences.

Quelles que soient les ambitions et enjeux de votre organisme, est à votre écoute pour et adapter une exposition immersive à votre structure.

Whatever the aims and challenges for your organisation, Grand Palais Immersif would be delighted to discuss your project and adapt an immersive exhibition to suit your situation.


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© Rmn - Grand Palais, 2020 / Didier Plowy


Pompeii. The exhibition delivers a captivating sensory experience of the ancient city and plunges the visitor into daily life in Pompeii.

To create this experience, the Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais worked with the Parc archéologique de Pompéi and Programmes GEDEON, , the French leader in archeological and cultural-heritage documentaries.



  © Mardi8 - Artisans d’idées, 2021


The Mona Lisa. The exhibition takes the visitor through the story of this legendary painting and the digital sensory experience leads them to a new understanding of da Vinci's masterpiece.

Grand Palais Immersif has joined forces with the musée du Louvre and  Artisans d'idées, an international agency with expertise in creation, innovation, production and sharing digital experiences, which places collective intelligence at the heart of its process.

The exhibition’s sound design by Rone is an integral part and not incidental, being a key part of the exhibition. It creates the desired feeling of immersion, invites you to explore, guides the movement of each visitor and accompanies the narration of the  six focus films. It is neither too intrusive, so as not to impact the visitor's visual journey, nor too discreet, forming part of the immersive experience. Each film has a soundtrack composed of music adapted from Rone's albums, and a unique sound design, so each film has a perfectly adapted musical quality.

Rone is a leading artist and producer in the French electronic-music scene. He has  worked with many artists and organisations on a variety of projects.

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