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Find all the answers to your questions to enjoy your experience at the Immersive Grand Palais !


► Where is the exhibition located ?

Grand Palais Immersif, 110 rue de Lyon, 75010 Paris. Access possible by metro, bus and RER (Bastille).

► I have a Sesame card, do I need to book before coming ?

You don't need to book a time, you may present your card directly to the control at the time of your arrival. .

► Can I come with a suitcase ?

Due to the Vigipirate plan, no luggages are accepted. A locker is available at Gare de Lyon, accessible on foot or by metro.

► Where can I leave my bicycle/motorcycle helmet ?

Helmets can be deposited in the lockers if they are small. If they are too large, they will need to be kept on the arm or in a bag during the visit.

► Can I come with a group ?

Group visits are possible: from 10 visitors onwards you are considered as such and need to book a time slot directly on our ticketing website.
The Grand Palais Immersif does not offer guided tours, but you can bring your own guide without additional costs.

► Can children take visit the exhibition alone?

Children must be under the responsibility of an adult. The Grand Palais Immersif offers education resources and family tours 

► How do I know if I am entitled to a free or reduced rate?

You can find all the rates on the following page


► Is there a catering area ?

Coffee machines with organic products are available at the end of the tour, for a little break.

► Is there a cloakroom?

Code lockers are available free of charge. However, these they are small (42x25x48cm) and cannot hold bulky bags

► Are there any chairs available ?

Chairs and benches are available in some of the rooms. For people with reduced mobility, you can also come with a cane chair if necessary.

► Are there toilets on site?

Toilets are available on site. PRM toilets are also available.


► How long does the visit to the exhibition last ?

The visit lasts approximately one hour.

► Will there be strobe lights ?


► Are the images in 3D ?

No, you can come and enjoy the animations even if you can't see the depths in 3 dimensions.

► Is it accessible to the hearing impaired or deaf ?

Yes, all videos are subtitled.

► Can I take photographs ?

Photographs are allowed without the use of flash.

► Is there an age requirement ?

There is no minimum age.

► Is the course wheelchair accessible ?

All areas are accessible. You can borrow at the desk a wheelchair (no reservation possibles, and only if it is not already being used).


► I bought a ticket with a time slot, but I'm going to be a little late. Will I be able to access the exhibition my visit ?

Your ticket is indeed still valid: however, access cannot be guaranteed immediately depending on the number of visitors. You will no longer have priority, and may need to wait before beginning your visit.

I am trying to contact you by phone, but I can't get through. How can I do this ?

We do not have a phone standard. Please contact us at and we will get back to you within 7 days.

► I would like to have my ticket refunded, what do I do?

Our tickets are non-refundable, so we cannot offer to cancel your purchase.

► I want to share my tour experience, where can I do that ?

We invite you to send us your feedback by email, and don't hesitate to share your experience on social networks or online !

6 december 2023 - 21 july 2024