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LOADING. L'art urbain à l'ère numérique.

Grand Palais Immersif
6 december 2023 - 21 july 2024

In autumn 2023, Grand Palais Immersif presents : Loading. L’art urbain à l’ère numérique, to recount the history of urban art and show the impact of technologies of digital production and broadcasting on the work of artists in this field.

6 december 2023 - 21 july 2024

In the 20th century, the cities walls were marked by the widespread of urban art; public space became a privileged ground of expression, a place of creation, exhibition and appropriation for an art that defined itself on the bangs of official institutions. With the rise of the Internet and then social networks, street art has undergone a revolution, leading to a new relationship between artists and the city.

The exhibition unfolds across the monumental spaces of the Grand Palais Immersif, echoing and serving as a screen for these urban artistic creations, presented at 360°.

From New York subways to paintings created or filmed using drones, from the largescale murals that appeared from the 2000s onwards to the most recent developments in graffiti vandalism, spectacular actions and reappropriations, visitors will discover urban art in all its facets, through digital experiences magnificently set to music by Roque Rivas. 

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 10am to 7pm. Nocturne on Wednesdays until 9pm. Closed on Tuesdays

Price: €16 concessions: €14 (jobseekers); €12 (6-25 years); €6 (tax credits, special solidarity allowance, minimum old-age pension, schoolchildren) free for children under 6 years


Exhibition co-produced by Grand Palais Immersif and Atlas V

curator: Christian Omodeo, doctor in art history writing

design: Christian Omodeo, Mehdi Mejri, Pierre Zandrowicz

production: Mehdi Mejri, ATLAS V

videomapping / interactive content: Superbien

original composition: Roque Rivas, Ircam / sound

engineering: Oscar Ferran, Ircam

set design: Olivier Palatre

graphic design / identity: Horah, Monsieur L’Agent

6 december 2023 - 21 july 2024